I am a computational/spatial ecologist interested in understanding how anthropogenic changes such as climate change and habitat loss affect global ecosystems, and how this in turn affects human well-being. I am particularly interested in using novel statistical methods and heterogeneous sources of data to answer applied and theoretical questions. I was previously a mathematician and database developer, and apply skills learned there to answer ecological questions. My PhD research focussed on applying metapopulation models to urban planning problems; particularly in the context of the ecological impact assessment. I then worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Stony Brook University NY, where I was modelling impacts of environmental change on hummingbird distributions and movements. I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Spatial Modelling at University of Southampton. My current research is focussed on finding general scaling rules for ecosystem service mapping to understand how land use and policy changes may affect the provision of ecosystem services.