Recent Publications

. The incidence function model as a tool for landscape-scale ecological impact assessments. Landscape and Urban Planning, (170), pp. 187–194,, 2018.

PDF Project

. Future geographic patterns of novel and disappearing assemblages across three dimensions of diversity: A case study with Ecuadorian hummingbirds. Diversity and Distributions, (23), pp. 944–954,, 2017.

Code Project

. Metapopulation modelling of long-term urban habitat-loss scenarios. Landscape Ecology, (32), pp. 989–1003,, 2017.

PDF Code Project

. Strengthening Urban Landscape Planning: a metapopulation modelling framework. Urban Landscape Ecology: Science, Policy and Practice, pp. 229–244,, 2016.


. Where next for macroecology: citizen macroecology?. Frontiers of Biogeography, (6), pp. 16–19, 2014.


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Combining time-series data, ecology and physiology to predict the consequences of climate change on hummingbird diversity

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Strengthening urban landscape planning: a metapopulation modelling approach